body care

at davanti, we give our guests the ultimate in customized spa services. through our ayurvedic approach to building custom spa treatments, to aveda's high performance, plant based products, we have all the tools on hand to create a one of a kind experience for our guests.

We hope that your massage treatment at davanti is unlike any other. Here is a little information about how we blend different types of massage techniques to customize your visit.

we take a customized approach to your massage service as a whole. by beginning with a thorough consultation that isolates not only what ails you but your expectations for your appointment and potential future appointments, we will utilize a variety of different massage techniques to deliver maximum results in the time you have available.

one of the techniques we utilize is an interactive approach which encourages the body to realign itself to a more natural, proper posture which in turns results in the overall better function of all the bodies systems. Guided stretches are performed for our guests while fully clothed. This technique can be performed for the duration of the visit or in combination with traditional relaxing massage techniques. these are the techniques generally associated with stress-relieving massage treatments.

Pressure can range from light to firm, depending on preference. Custom aroma blends and oils are created to enhance your experience and are used throughout the treatment to aid in all the movements used.  


30 minute massage . . . . . $50

60 minute massage . . . . .$80

90 minute massage . . . . .$100


get more from your experience with one of these body care enhancement services

Botanical Scalp Therapy - $20

The Botanical Scalp Therapy Treatment features a deep, restorative scalp massage with the aroma-therapeutic essential oil blend that will bring the healthiest balance to your scalp, setting the stage for beautiful hair. 

Foot Reflexology - $20

Enhance your massage by incorporating this pressure point massage to enhance targeted and overall relief to all body systems.