Child Safety Policy

We know your children are great little people, but not all children are created equal. For the safety and comfort of your children, yourself, and our guests, we appreciate your support and understanding of our guidelines regarding having your children in the salon and spa. Please make all necessary child care arrangements prior to your visit.

-Children 12 yrs old and younger are welcome on the salon floor when receiving a service.

-Children 12 yrs old and younger are allowed in the Spa with guardian supervision when receiving a service.

-Due to the use of hot tools, sharp tools, and chemicals on the salon floor, for your child's safety and protection, we ask that NO children be present on the salon floor when not recieving a service. This includes in strollers, empty salon chairs, or in your lap.

-Well behaved children are welcome to stay seated in our Guest Service/Retail area. However, the guardian of any disruptive or especially loud or messy child will be asked to remove the child from the salon out of respect for your stylist and other guests.

-Davanti.Salons.Spa does not, under any circumstance, assume responsibility for the well-being of your child during your visit. The guardian assumes all liability for any damages to the retail area during your visit.

arrival time

We know your time is precious and we do our best to run on time, planning to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your service will allow us to confirm all information we have on file for you is current, and support your service beginning at the scheduled time.

Life happens. If you are running late, please call ahead. We can help you know if we will still be able to accomodate you or, if we need to, reschedule to another time. We will always do our best to see you but we have to consider the impact on our other Guests, as well.


We do everything we can to help remind our Guests of their upcoming appointments. We provide 24 hour confirmation calls in addition to text message or email reminders for Guests who have agreed to this service.

As a courtesy to other Guests and our Staff, kindly provide 24-48 hours advance notice should you need to cancel, reschedule or otherwise make changes to your appointment.

consultations & Service Deposits

Sometimes a service consultation is the best way to ensure that you and your stylist are speaking the same language. This better ensures your end result and ensures your appointments are booked appropriately. These consultations are available for all of our services on the salon floor. Consultations cost $25 and this serves as a deposit towards the completion of your service. Consultation fees are redeemable for services and are non-refundable for services not received within the calendar year.

Some appointments may require a deposit at the time of booking. A flat deposit of $25 for extensive appointments (2+ hours) or 50% deposit for Balmain Extension services and booking of the Special Events Team.

Service Guarantee

It is our mission to make you feel more beautiful in all aspects of your life and your utmost satisfaction is our primary goal.

All Davanti services are guaranteed 100%. In the instance that you are anything but happy with your service, let us know within 72 hours of the date of service and we will ensure that you are rebooked with your stylist or any stylist of your choosing at NO COST. In most instances, the fix is a simple solution that may take less than an hour to resolve. We strive to limit situations like these through in-depth consultations and visual tools. Anytime you can provide us with images of inspiration, it ensures you and your stylist are speaking the same language.

spa etiquette

visiting our spa is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience, but if it is your first time, we understand it can be a little nerve-wracking. Please look over our helpful hints to the most enjoyable spa experience:

  • please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. this will allow you to tour and become comfortable with the spa, complete consultation paperwork, and enjoy a beverage prior to the start of you services(s).
  • our spa is a NO PHONE ZONE. to ensure that you are able to receive the most tranquil spa experience, we ask that you silence or turn off any and all electronic devices prior to entering the spa area.
  • please leave all valuables at home. whether you are receiving a massage, facial, or nail care services, there is an element of massage involved in every service Davanti provides. in order to safeguard your valuables from product exposure or loss, we ask that you do not bring your valuables to your spa services(s).